Lost To Time by Cryo North Studios is a new kind of real-time co-operative board game with an innovative app to give players unparalleled playing experience.

You and your team aim to fight for their lives in a mysterious Mayan temple and escape with unimaginable treasure.

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Can you survive the Mayan temple?

Lost To Time is an engaging  board game that combines physical elements such as tiles, dice and the game board itself with digital components on our Lost To Time app.

In this collaborative and strategic experience, you and your team of up to four players are fighting to survive a deadly maze in a mysterious Mayan temple. 

The Story

You and your friends are an expedition team who has found a secret Mayan temple. The team being wrong footed have triggered all the traps and now fight for their survival. 

Find 4 Golden Keys and insert them into the center console before time runs out. Save your team from impending doom and open the secret door leading to the unimaginable treasure. 




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Lost To Time features an innovative app that allows players to experience real-time board games in a whole new way while completely immersing you into the game using cinematic soundtracks and ambient sounds.

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